Source code for cvprac_abstraction.cvpInventory

from cvprac.cvp_client import CvpClient

[docs]class CvpInventory(object): """CVP Inventory Class. Get complete inventory from CVP and expose some functions to get data. It is RO only and nothing is pushed to CVP with this object. """
[docs] def __init__(self, cvp_server=CvpClient()): """Class Constructor. Instantiate an Inventory with a REST call to get device list Parameters ---------- cvp_server : cvprack.CvpClient() Your CVP Rack server """ self._cvp_server = cvp_server self._inventory = self._cvp_server.api.get_inventory()
[docs] def get_device_dict(self, name): """Get information for a given device. Parameters ---------- ``name``: str Hostname to lookup Returns ------- dict: Complete dictionnary sent by CVP """ for device in self._inventory: if device['hostname'] == name: return device return None
[docs] def get_devices(self): """Give a dict of all devices. Returns ------- dict: All devices attached to CVP inventory """ return self._inventory